La Bande à Pied Follow Jah


Thursday 12 July
23:00 - 23:15: Déambulation
23:15 - 00:00: Le Grand Canyon
Friday 13 July
18:45 - 00:30: Déambulation
00:30 - 01:00: Jardin du Petit Théâtre
Saturday 14 July
20:30 - 23:00: Déambulation
23:00 - 23:30: Jardin du Petit Théâtre

La Bande à Pied Follow Jah (Haïti)

Rara Vodou

Once you encounter the rhythm of this Haitian marching band, you are sure to dance as if you were possessed by Loas - local vodou spirits. Bande à Pied Follow Jah is made up of the rightful heirs of rara, a musical style originally from Haiti. This is your chance to discover an instrument called vaksen, essentially a cylindrical trumpet made out of bamboo. At the core of this musical genre are repetitive sounds that can evoke trance-like states. Take the plunge!



Cornet : Ricardo Batraville

Tom : Junior Benjamin

Cornet : Jean Biscinthe

Snare Drum : Serge Cherilus

Cornet : Chilthon Lamour

Cornet : Ferne Nozile

Bamboo : Claude Pierre

Drum : Alex Demosthene