Friday 13 July
22:00 - 23:00: L'Escapade

Vouipe (Suisse)

Experimental Electro

Using spacey and experimental vibes, the electro duo Vouipe thrusts its audience into a chimerical universe made up of irrational lyrics and atypical sounds while elevating the entire experience with entrancing light effects. These young Swiss musicians are subtle in their art and one’s curiosity cannot help but be piqued. Add a “good ol’ bottle o’ hooch” to that and you’re set, even at 69.

About Vouipe

Vouipe was born in 2008, of a meeting between two cousins sharing a passion for music and combining their know-how: Philippe (drums, hang, MAO) and Dimitri (Digeridoo, fujara, alpenhorn, MAO). The band performed at Montreux Jazz Festival’s Jazz Café in 2010 and 2011 and won, thanks to its talent and originality, the Tremplin Lémanique prize for electronic music in 2010. The band releases a colourful first album in 2011, Welcome, and has never ceased producing music since – their fourth and latest album, Kraken, was released in 2017.