AKMI Duo - Valentine Michaud et Akvilé Sileikaïté


Thursday 12 July
18:00 - 19:00: La Perchée

AKMI Duo - Valentine Michaud et Akvilé Sileikaïté (France)

Classical Music

L’AKMI Duo gleefully reaps what is sowed in the enormous field of music, whether in the modern and contemporary repertoire or in other realms. Their performance is jovial and bubbly, combining the lyrical flamboyance of Latino accents in a translated original piece with a virtuoso’s staggered arpeggio on a whim.

Valentine Michaud was awarded the prix d'encouragement by the Pour-cent culturel Migros.

About AKMI Duo - Valentine Michaud et Akvilé Sileikaïté

Valentine Michaud and Akvilé Sileikaité first crossed paths in Zurich in 2015; and with that, the AKMI duo was born. The young saxophonist and bubbly pianist met at the Zurich University of the Arts, where they were both studying towards the Master with a Specialization in Solo Performance, Valentine as a soloist, Akvilé as an accompanist. Valentine and Akmilé are truly passionate about modern and contemporary music, performing with undisguised joy. They have built up a repertoire that is wide and varied, encompassing everything from sonatas to tango, by composers from countries as diverse as Lithuania and the USA. In 2016, AKMI Duo was awarded first prize in the prestigious Orpheus Swiss Music Chamber Competition.



Piano : Akvilé Sileikaïté

Saxophone : Valentine Michaud