Tuesday 10 July
23:00 - 00:00: Le Grand Canyon

Suuns (Canada)


Despite their relatively sunny name, Suuns is not the type to whip out the next summer hit or even come up with fun dance music. With ten years of experience under their belt, this Montreal-based group released a total of six LPs and EPs or, more specifically, six musical projects. The quartet constantly questions their artistic direction after each step, though there exists an appropriate category for the group: Krautrock. The music genre, known for its cool and repetitive rhythms, emerged from the German avant-garde scene in the late 60’s. Not unlike Radiohead’s recent work, Suuns’ music lies at the junction of trippy, rigid electro and organic, versatile rock as they mix vocals and instrumentals while injecting a massive dose of synthetics. Their latest album “Hold/Still,” released by eclectic, avant-garde label Secretly Canadian, had a reviewer claiming it was “psychedelic, but austere.” It’s quite the program.



Guitar | Vocals : Ben Shemie

Guitar : Joe Yarmush

Bass : Max Henry

Drums : Liam O'Neill