Thursday 12 July
00:00 - 01:00: La Face Nord

Shortparis (Russie)

New Russian Wave

The group’s brand of electronic music uses vocals as a foundation for rhythm, surrounding them with heavy base that evokes a wild state of rapture. This musical experience lies somewhere in between the soaring lyrics of Radiohead and the madness of Animal Collective. As a bonus, there is also a touch of trance and theatrical performance. This concert is more like a rave than a slow.

About Shortparis

Formed in St.Petersburg in 2012. Irrational, spastic dance groove borderlines somewhere between dark electro, post-punk, experimental noise and acoustic chanson, combined with theatrical performances. The songs are in Russian, French and English.



Vocals : Nikolay Komiagin

Guitar | Synthesizer : Aleksandr Galianov

Drums | Sampling : Pavel Lesnikov

Guitar | Bass | Accordion : Aleksandr Ionin

Drums | Percussion : Danila Kholodkov