Sara Oswald


Tuesday 10 July
21:00 - 22:00: Jardin du Petit Théâtre

Sara Oswald (Suisse)

Instrumental Classical-Electro Pop

Discreet and little known, often preferring to showcase others: these traits seem to best describe cellist Sara Oswald. She previously performed with Sophie Hunger, The Young Gods, Olivia Pedroli and Colin Vallon, and sang for the excellent pop project Jim The Barber & His Shiny Blades. On a stage, you can expect Sara Oswald mastering her instrument and demonstrating her remarkable improvisation skills.  In addition, she does not hesitate to harmonize her cello with electronics. Quite a promising experience overall!



Composition | Cello | Piano | Vocals | Electronics : Sara Oswald

Sound : Charlie Bernath

Co-composition : Marcin de Morsier

Recorded Electronics : Christophe Calpini