Sa Prière


Thursday 12 July
21:00 - 21:30: La Perchée
Saturday 14 July
20:30 - 21:00: La Perchée
Sunday 15 July
22:15 - 22:45: La Perchée

Malika Djardi (France)


Malika Djardi dances in response to her mother’s story - that of a woman who converted to Islam. This story evokes not only religion but also her mother’s relationship with her husband, life and expectations. The dance does not illustrate with words but follows its own trajectory. Far away from the struggle between opposing worldviews, she explores a place where different paths exist and converge for mother and daughter.



Voice-over : Marie-Bernadette Philippon 

Sound Design : Benoit Pelé 

Dramaturgy Consultant  : Youness Anzane 

Scenography : Malika Djardi et Florian Leduc 

Lighting - Creation : Florian Leduc 

Lighting - Management : Iannis Japiot 

Music : Rihanna (feat. Calvin Harris) « We found love » et Jordi Savall « Tres Morillas » 

Photo Credits : Christophe Louergli