Friday 13 July
23:30 - 23:45 / 00:45 - 01:00: Parking Château Saint-Maire
Saturday 14 July
22:45 - 23:00 / 00:45 - 01:00: Parking Château Saint-Maire

Jörg Muller - Cie Was ist das (France, Allemagne)

Flammable Ballet

Jörg Müller will unfortunately not be able to attend Festival de la Cité. His piece Mobile Feu will therefore not be performed. We apologise for the inconvenience.

“Mobile/feu” (Mobile/Fire) presents a moment suspended in time, ageless and beyond reality. It is a fascinating “game” between manipulating and being manipulated, in the dark of night when only the sound of dancing and burning torches break the silence. With this scorching mobile, Jörg Müller challenges us to create spaces and to allow ourselves to be transported and be caught off guard. Absolutely hypnotizing!


Conception | Writing | Mise-en-scène | Object Creation : Jörg Müller 

With : Jörg Müller 

Created with the help of François Crevantes and Emmanuel Cury St Sauveur