Le Roi Angus


Saturday 14 July
21:00 - 22:00: Le Grand Canyon

Le Roi Angus (Suisse)

Psychedelic Pop

Merging sunshine pop with French poetry and joyfully psychedelic moments, the group can make you dance to serious lyrics (‘Lesbos’), not unlike how they created a summer 2017 hit with a song about the possibilities of a better world (‘La Wax’). With their excellent second opus « Est-ce que tu as vu le Tigre? » (Have you seen the Tiger?), Le Roi Angus is a revelation. Definitely one of the best Swiss discoveries in the past few years.



Vocals : Casimir M. Admonk 

Guitar : Léonard Persoz

Guitar : Raphaël Tuti

Bass : Fernando Rey Olmos

Drums : Augustin von Arx