La Scortecata


Friday 13 July
22:00 - 23:00: La Perchée
Saturday 14 July
22:00 - 23:00: La Perchée

Emma Dante (Italie)


Somewhere between a commedia dell’arte, a Neapolitan tragedy and Fellinian debauchery lies La Scortecata, a story about a king who falls in love with the sound of a voice. Alas, the voice belongs to an old woman. Two half-naked, cross-dressing actors repeatedly tell each other the same, endless story of an impossible love. It’s difficult not to laugh and quite easy to be moved. Commediante, tragediante - Italianism at its finest.



Adapted from lo cunto de li cunti, by Giambattista Basile

Writing | Mise-en-scène : Emma Dante

Actors : Salvatore D’Onofrio // Carmine Maringola

Scene Elements | Costumes : Emma Dante

Assistant - Production : Daniela Gusmano

Assistant - Mise-en-scène : Manuel Capraro

Production: Festival di Spoleto 60, Teatro Biondo di Palermo in collaboration with Atto Unico / Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale

Coordination | Transmission : Aldo Grompone, Rome.