Insub Meta Orchestra


Tuesday 10 July
19:00 - 20:00: Cathédrale

Insub Meta Orchestra (Suisse)

Contemporary Music

The delicate-sounding compositions defy the usual conventions of an orchestra, gathering different layers of color, sound and themes. Founded and led by Cyril Bondi and D’incise since 2010, the ensemble consists of thirty musicians whose work with improvisation and electroacoustic exploration cross musical borders. An unconventional listening experience that immediately elicits the senses.



Composer | Indian Harmonium : Cyril Bondi

Composer | Electronic : Laurent Peter

Electronic : Andreas Glauser

Viola da Gamba : Anna-Kaisa Meklin

Violin : Anouck Genthon

Vocals : Antoine Läng

Electronic: Bruno Crochet

Saxophone : Christophe Berthet

Vocals : Dorothea Schürch

Electronic : Eric Ruffing

Bass : Fred Minner

Double bass : Gérald Perera

Clarinet : Hans Koch

Guitar : Ivan Verda

Indian Harmonium : Jacques Demierre

Violin : Jamasp Jhabvala

Vocals : Karen Jebane

Percussion : Luc Müller

Cello : Marei Seuthe

Percussion : Maxime Hänsenberger

Electronic : Raphaël Ortis

Double bass : Regula Gerber

Percussion : Rodolphe Loubatière

Bassoon : Sandra Weiss

Saxophone : Sébastien Branche

Saxophone : Steve Buchanan

Electronic : Thierry Simonot

Electronic : Thomas Peter

Double Bass : Vincent Ruiz

Guitar : Vinz Vonlanthen

Flute : Violeta Motta

Vocals : Wanda Obertova