Horizon Liquide


Wednesday 11 July
22:00 - 23:00: L'Escapade

Horizon Liquide (Suisse)

Electronic Rock

Horizon Liquide’s brand of electro is dense and consuming. Spiritual? Bullshit! Musical trance? Absolutely! Their music is capable of awakening your inner whirling dervish. You will see - yes, you will. As soon as you close your eyes to be fully immersed by the sound, you will see the horizon of the black sea distort itself into a mirage just like quicksand.



Vocals | Guitar | Synthesizer : Laure Betris

Synthesizer | Samples : Valentin Savio

Percussion | Vocals : Serge Ghazale

Visuals : Nora Smith

Sound : Luc Bercier

Lighting : Gaspard Perdrisad