Saturday 14 July
20:30 - 21:30: Jardin du Petit Théâtre

Laurent Güdel & Aladin Borioli (Suisse)


This presentation is the result of a collaboration between Laurent Güdel et Aladin Borioli.  Though the acoustic piece stands alone, it is an integral part of a multifaceted ethnographic research. Words, photography, video, and sound is mixed with the attempt to answer the following question: can the invasion of new technology in the world of apiculture enhance the interspecific relationship between humans and bees, and vice versa? Logically speaking, by helping beekeepers decrypt colony language and behaviour, these advancements can deepen our understanding of bee culture and our age-old coexistence. However, rather than strengthening our relations, can technology become a barrier by being the only mediator possible between us and the colonies? Can this effectively end the direct contact between these humans and non-humans, a key component of this age-old exchange?

During the Festival, the duo's polyphonic piece will induce sensory and speculative immersion into our audible, yet technologically-mediated, understanding of bee Umwelt (1). The spectator will dive into a universe full of encoded sounds of which research decrypted only a very little amount. Those who listen will start to imagine, interpret and dream of a world still largely unexplored.

(1) Umwelt: Developed by German biologist Jacob von Uexküll, it is a concept that defines a specific sensory environment to each species or each individual. Somewhat like their own point of view on the world.