Francis Francis


Thursday 12 July
19:00 - 20:00: L'Escapade

Francis Francis (Suisse)

Exuberant Synth-Pop

This group of five Fribourg natives are shaping a musical universe rich in contrasts. Between groove and pulse, they love combining the sensitivity of instruments to the efficiency of machines, bringing forth a unique type of pop. Far from blindly following the trend of 80’s retromania, Francis Francis offers a good chunk of music that is intelligent, brute and naive, not unlike a tragic yet comical news item.

About Francis Francis

The eight tracks of their debut «We Happy Few» on their backs, Francis Francis are preparing their return with a brand new repertory and a new LP entitled «Amateurologie», recorded at the Studio de la Savonnerie (Brussels). The five piece has decided to migrate towards a french minimal wave, and make way for synthesised sounds, all while keeping a firm grip on experimental pop. Still miles away from giving in to the 80ies retromania, Francis Francis offer an intelligent bit of music, bare like the gossip in newspapers, tragicomic like an episode of ‘Judge Judy’, armed to the teeth but incredibly attractive.

The attitude delivers its core in the French lyrics, evoking the unknown, suicide, love and politics. For a specialised crowd only, no intermission!



Vocals | Keyboard : Noémie Délèze

Bass : Julien Chavaillaz

Guitar : Yves Berset

Drums : Adrien Gaillard

Keyboard : Tania Bochud

Sound : Grégoire Pasquier