Dope Saint Jude


Wednesday 11 July
23:00 - 00:00: Le Grand Canyon

Dope Saint Jude (Afrique du Sud)


Die Antwoord is not the only one shaking up crowds in South Africa. With her impetuous, assertive rap style, Dope Saint Jude is slowly but steadily establishing herself in the scene. Far from her native Cape Town, the young woman combines her bravado-infused performance stance with an old school flow on modern instrumentals and a jerky, pseudo-sexy groove as her way of criticizing the idea of gender. The commentary is nothing new: she once belonged to the first drag-king* collective of the country (*women dressing up as men to highlight gender stereotypes).

That’s where she took the inspiration for her alias, one she emblazons as her coat-of-arms on the quest to conquer the world as a solo act. She does just that with a self-produced EP, her first six-single album released in 2016. When asked what her profession is, she describes herself mainly as resourceful, someone who “raps, shoots films, bartends, studies political science, and works on community projects.” She even finds a bit of time to set La Cité on fire.



Vocals : Dope Saint Jude

DJ : Campbell Mica

Backing vocals : Kelly Bryanna